Would it be possible to remove and replace badly decayed back teeth with implants?

I have a couple of back teeth that have previously been filled many years ago but the fillings have now come out and the teeth are quite badly decayed. I would like to get them removed and replaced with implants but I’m not sure if this would be possible as there is not much of the tooth left. There is also a gap where a next to them where 2 teth have already been removed. Can you please advise me?
Having dental implants is dependent on the amount of bone available to place the implant in the jaw. It may be that the bone density in this area is okay but a CT scan may be necessary to ascertain this and be sure. Also having broken teeth is not a problem necessarily as the remnants of the teeth will have to be removed anyway.

Again the gap that is already there will have to be investigated, depending on the treatment type you require after implant. I hope this helps.

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