Would Braces Be Dangerous Considering My Heart Conditions?

Hello i m 45 never had braces my teeth r ok but over crowding on bottom so much now that center tooth is receding as those adjacent seem to be shifting over the receding tooth can simpli5 help correct just the bottom teeth? In addition i have two cardiac issues mvp and bicuspic aortic valve both leak slighty. I premed before each dentist appt would braces open up my mouth to to much bacteria? I would like to correct bottom teeth as they make me slightly self conscious but wonder if its to risky for someone with cardiac issues. In addition is it very costly?
I would ask for confirmation from your cardiologist but it is my understanding that having orthodontic treatment would not put you at greater risk. It would be important to maintain excellent oral health during your treatment and visit a dental hygienist regulary – I recommended every 3-4 months during orthodontics.

Simpli5 is a system designed to treat very mild crowding of teeth, over a 10 week period usually. So the answer to your question about suitability will depend on how severe your crowding is and how complex the tooth movements are.

The cost of Simpli5 starts at about £1000 with retainers costs in addition but costs will increase if the treatment required in your case is more complicated and time consuming



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