Would a veneer or lumineer be able to fix my deformed tooth after braces didn’t work?


im hoping you can help me..i have a crooked incisor, it’s almost sideways and it was kinda portruding and i had braces last year which came off after a few months…however the tooth is still twist, my dentist told me that the tooth is deformed that’s why it hasn’t gotten straight using the brace. i think its moving back …my dentist give me an appliance to wear to keep the tooth in but whenever i dont wear it ..the tooth start to move back…the front of my smile is fine but from the sideways u can actually see how sideway the incisors are. i cannot afford braces again,,,and im in another country.do u think having veneer or lumineer will help fix?

what’s ur suggestion…i really wld appreciate ur help…

thank u

A conventional porcelain veneer or a ‘no prep’ veneers such as a Lumineer may be the answer. You could also consider bonding too. Please see an experienced cosmetic dentist near you for advice and recommendations.

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February 23rd, 2013 at 08:47 PM
Christina Says :

thank u for ur reply… i really appreciate it. but i hv one little question more for u.

can lumineer be done on one tooth or like for the incisors alone?

thank u.

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