Would a Brace Fix My Dental Problems?

I’ve recently noticed that 1 of my front teeth is longer than the other one and is also slightly wonky, it looks really bad, I feel it will only get worse over time as I am still young. Would a brace fix this? Even though it’s just one tooth that’s the issue, and I think it’s the length as well. Also, the teeth surrounding my 2 big ones at the front are considerably smaller, which again look unnatural. I’ve heard about veneers and bonding, but I was wondering if there are any other options. And the costs of these!
My two front teeth at the bottom are not straight, as in they are growing towards each other and looking like they are pushing against each other. My dentist said it’s because of my wisdom teeth and to see a specialist if I’m concerned. Again, would a brace help here?
Many thanks.
Hi, thank you for getting in touch. It sounds like a combination of braces and bonding or veneers would work, have a look for a local cosmetic dentist or ask your own dentist if this is something he could do for you. The cost will depend upon the kind of treatment you need and severity of your case so I couldn’t tell you accurately without seeing you first. Regards, Andrew. 
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