With the replacement of crowns and addition of lumineer veneers will gums recede and create more plaque?

Q. My dentist is going to replace crowns on the 2 front teeth. He has also suggested to put lumineer vaneers on the two teeth next to the crowns, for cosmetic reasons. Will he have to scrabe the teeth first? Will there be any problems in the future ie if the gums recede? ( I am 53 years old). Will the teeth be affected in any way because of the vaneer ie collect more plaque? especially near the gums?

A. There is a possibility that you will collect more plaque by your gums above the lumineers, your dentist need to make sure he doesn’t leave a ledge and you need to make sure that you are meticulous with the cleaning. Your teeth will not have to be shaved down, if they are then your dentist is not carrying out lumineers. I am not a fan of them and they are only suitable for particular situations but if it means that the teeth don’t need to be prepared then it will be worth a go.
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