Will Veneers on Just 4 Teeth Make a Noticeable Difference?

I’m considering having teeth whitening and veneers. Before visiting my dentist I had in mind just the top 8 teeth but my dentist advised to just get the front 4, as my other teeth are good size, with just 4 veneers and the other 4 teeth visible in my smile. Will there be a noticeable difference? And as a separate question, my dentist also advised Zirconium veneers but Google results suggest these aren’t the best for front teeth. Can you offer any advice on the above questions and any recommendations?
Hi, thanks for getting in touch. I would get them whitened first and see how the side teeth come up. If you’re not 100% happy go with 8 veneers, you’ll get a better result. Zirconium is very hard wearing and good for people with hard bites. I find E-Max is very good, as well as pressed ceramic veneers. Kind regards, Andrew. 
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