Will The NHS Pay For My Dental Implants?

Hello there, wondering if you can help me out a little with a difficult problem. I have just had 2 top right back teeth out and 2 bottom right teeth took out and I was told buy my dentist that I cannot wear dentures as I suffer from very bad epilepsy. I have suffered from this all of my life and have been told that the denture route is unsafe in case I have a seizure and swallow or choke on them. Every time I have a seizure I am badly damaging my tongue too, ripping it really badly through the gaps which are now present in my mouth from the missing teeth. The only way I can think of resolving this situation is to get implants. Will the NHS pay for me to have implants in this case do you think?

Please check with your local NHS dentist or health authority as I am unfamiliar with NHS regulations. Most cosmetic dentistry options are elective and thus not available on the NHS


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