Will the Inman aligner straighten my teeth?

Dear Dr. Butt,
I would like your advice. I wore braces for 2 years 6 years ago, and I stopped wearing my retainers. Because of this, my beautiful straight teeth gave way slightly to the problem I had before braces.

My top 2 front teeth have protruded out again, a bit like a rabbit, and the 2 incisors on either side of them have moved forward a bit too (all on the top jaw). I have had consultations from orthodontists and I am asking you as well.

Will the Inman Aligner align my top 2 teeth with the rest of my top teeth giving me a straight top jaw again? Will it make my teeth straight again?

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It is likely if they have not moved too far that the in man aligner will correct them.if they have rotated or become crowded your treatment may be slightly more complex but not impossible with the inman
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