Will My Teeth Shift After The Problem I Had With My Braces?

I had braces 7 years ago.
And after my braces, my dentist placed a permanent wire behind by top 4 incisors.
It snapped from the side, and when i went to see a different dentist, he removed the piece that was sticking out , and now the wire is only behind 3 incisors on the right. It worries me quite a bit because you know, it wasn’t my original dentist so maybe they have missed something crucial in understanding my south’s specific orthodontic needs and nuances. So basically, I am wondering if they’ve missed something, because the wire isn’t centered anymore, will it make my teeth shift?

Thank you in advance.

Hello, thanks so much for your question. That is quite an important question so I am glad we will get the chance to put it up. Regarding the decentralisation of the wire, yes, there is always that possibility , although some people are absolutely fine .
To be safe have the retainer replaced or have a removable one made that you can wear in addition at night
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