Will insurance pay for my dentures?

i ve had a lower partil for 3 years i had all teeth pulled except the 2 big teeth to hold partial up the teeth is growing out of my gums i need to get them pulled and get a whole bottom denture do you think it will hold and do you think insurance will pay for it only after 3years they also makes my breath smell sometimes im embrassed to go back these 2 bottom are uglyi also need to get my top partial made for my top teeth i have more teeth at the top this is for the top back i have good insurance my husband and daughters all go there i inheired my teeth from my mom im a very attracted 42 middle woman with pretty hair but bad teeth my girls have beautiful and my husband is ok what shall ido i cant afford dental implants thanks
A good fitting denture should not cause food to get caught in between, so should not cause you problems with bad smell in the mouth as long as you’re meticulous with your oral hygiene. Insurance will not pay for new dentures on the whole. A lower denture is more difficult for patients to get used to but there are millions of successful denture wearers around the world, so please get fitted with new dentures.
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