Will I Have to Pay to Have My Veneer Re-Fitted?

I have had new veneers fitted after having veneers for 12 years with no problems. However after 2 months, one of my new veneers has fallen off.  I went to my dentist and he put the tooth on again but did advise me it might come off again, and if so the veneer would have to be sent to the lab to be re-etched. The tooth came off the following day and I went back to have it sent to the lab for re-etching. However, I was advised I needed to pay to have the tooth put back on. Do I need to pay again to have it re-fitted?
Thank you for your question. I am very surprised that if you have only recently had these veneers fitted that you would be asked to pay for the etching and re-bonding by the same dentist. If you have gone to another practice then they might ask for fees? Take if up with the dentist who saw you and ask why. Regards, Mark.
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