Will Anyone Fix My Teeth For Free?

Hi Dr Patel, I am 26 yrs of age, I am looking for a little advice here it goes….My appearance was always very important to me until 2 yrs ago when I was attacked twice by an ex partner leaving me with damage to my jaw and teeth since the incident I have been told I will lose my own teeth as nerves were damaged it has got to the point that I am wishing they would fall out even if I am supplied with standard nhs ‘false teeth’ as my own now look dreadful. There is no possible way I could afford cosmetic dental work so I was wondering if there is any dentists that offer work done in exchange for before and after advertisement pictures. To promote their work to new potential customers. I googled this question and was directed to this site any information would be greatly appreciated thanks 
I would really need to see you to give you options we do offer 0% finace on dental treatment which does help a lot of people spread costs.
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March 23rd, 2013 at 08:47 PM
shekena Says :

I am a 29 year old wife, and mother of four. Growing up my family never explained how important it was to take care of your teeth. My mother was single with four children and did what she could. I remember growing up and bring talked about, and never being able to smile without putting my hand over it. I had those horrible experiences throughout my entire childhood. Here I am at almost 30 years old and my teeth have only gotten worst. They are very painful as well as decayed, broken, missing, cracked, and chipped. My only desire would be to have them all fixed so that I can just feel happy about myself. My children ask me «Mama why do your teeth look like that.» That is one of the most embarrassing things to have to explain to them how I didn’t take care of my teeth. I know my husband loves me and has never said anything but I’m unhappy with me. Please if there is anyone that does cosmetic dentistry it would be dream come true for them to be fixed, and a complete blessing from God. I will be praying that my God who can do all things softens sometimes heart to bless me! Thanks in advance!

October 30th, 2013 at 08:47 PM
Lee Snow Says :

im 24 i am epileptic but have been stable for 5 years now before when i had my grand mall sezieres i had cracked chipped and even knocked 2 teeth out im so depressed about my teeth, just want them fixed i lived in worcester uk. i have a fiance who has three children which i bring up, lifes been very hard have no job, and in pan oftnly with my teeth, just dont like the feel of the numbness of the needle. thats also why i didnt go to dentists, but when i look at my teeth it upsets me. anything anyone could do? email me please.

February 26th, 2014 at 08:47 PM
Natalie Says :

Hi there my name is Natalie i am 34 yrs old and live in Scotland. My problem is i have two pretty bad pertruding front teeth and my jaw isn’t aligned. For the past six year i have suffered from the smell of feaces coming from my breath also. I have basically locked myself away for years i only really go to work & places i really need to because my mouth has affected my confidence so badly. I spend most of my time covering my mouth with my hand when i speak which draws more attention. I utterly hate my smile there is no photos of me i simply won’t allow them. I had a brace with headgear when i was about ten years old & the pain i went through totally put me off when i was to move on to track brace. Years went by and now from about the age of 22 i have been visiting my dentist trying to get them to help me i have been referred to dental hospital on numerous occasions and they simply won’t help i have to go private which i just simply can’t afford i am a single part time working mother and all my money has to go to all the monthly bills. I am in a catch 22 position i have no confidence to go for a new job because my smile & breath are destroying my confidence. I have not long spent a few months at local dental hospital with regards to breath, they say my oral hygeine is great they don’t understand i have attened ENT depatrment to no avail, i am currently waiting on another appointment to try again. I have spent an absolute fortune on products and nothing works. Due to this foul mouth smell in my mouth i have got the dentist to gradually remove my back 3 top left teeth think the smell was coming from them which it was but wasn’t root of problem so nos i still have foul smell and an even more horrific smile as i have no support at the back & i am missing 8 important teeth from my mouth. My dentist says i grind on my teeth at night and this is now meaning my bottom teeth sit up behind the front teeth (because support of back are gone & jaw isn’t aligned) and are pushing on them throught night and they are going out further resulting on ghem resting om my bottom lip & i zm now just constantly salivating & spitting pretty bad whdn i speak. I am at the end of my tether my personal & work life is so affected i don’t know were to turn next, please help me. I am sorry for the long winded story but i feel i truly am out of options & i just want out this hell with my mouth.

May 11th, 2014 at 08:47 PM
sue pascoe Says :

hi. i hope that you can help me so much. i am 39 year old have four kids and one grandson. i did not look after my teeth growing up. i did not like going to the dentist . Need nine years ago i got hit about by my ex. and lost my top four front teeth . my mouth looks so bad. i do not smile . and it stop am from meeting people. ijust want to be a happy Nan as my grandson has brain damage . just would love to have photos and be able to smile . i never ask ffor anything in life. thks. pls pls help me

July 16th, 2014 at 08:47 PM
dean smith Says :

Hi im 29 and i got my teeth knocked out when i was 18. by thugs who 4t it was funny i dont talk much to ppl b/c im scared of what they mite think haw can i get this done what the best waway to get this sorted

August 31st, 2014 at 08:47 PM
Kelly Says :

Hi I to got beat up from an ex partner I had two teeth out and one front tooth that was hanging and the hospital put it back in and it’s vile it’s gone black and the other two teeth are faulse my teeth are all different shades I’m 34 I don’t smile I don’t go out because I’m so ashamed I have no confidance what’s so ever I have turned down being a bride maid to my best friends wedding because I worry about pictures I have now been single 8yrs it’s gets me down every day…. I won’t even go to a dentist because I’m scared and embarraced but I wish someone would just say they would help because my life is passing me by and I want to do things an go places without looking scare and grumpy

October 22nd, 2014 at 08:47 PM
ida Says :


December 13th, 2014 at 08:47 PM
jennifer Says :

good evening, i am not quite sure who i am addressing here but at least it might be cathartic even if unanswered. im 24 and have had a fairly tumultuous life along with one i pulled on myself. at a certain point a few years ago my mother decided to cut me out of herlife as i was too much to handle, drugs, bullimia, thrown away a fantastic start in life to end up with nothing. now years on im finally getting over my bodydysmorphia, gaining good coping mechanisms and finding my good days again. just to be ok with having my photo taken without a panic attack over my teeth… thats all i want but they arent in great heaalth and im so skint i dont even have basic house appliances yet. is there no hope? thank you kindly for reading my trouble and happy holidays x

January 9th, 2015 at 08:47 PM
Wayne Eldridge Says :

I am a 40 year old man who is totally embarassed about his disgusting mouth. I forget the last time I smiled. I haven’t had a girlfriend in 10 years. I am becoming a Hermit and I hate myself all the time. Is there anybody thatcan help me, please.

February 12th, 2015 at 08:47 PM
Allison Says :

I am 19 years old and the youngest,.I have the worst teeth in my family of 4. My parents never expressed the need for me to brush my teeth and why there its important. My teeth always hurt, I can’t eat my favorite foods anymore, and I can’t even bare to talk about the embarrassment. My boyfriend talks about how bad his teeth are and how ugly they are but he has 2 messed up teeth in the back, so you can’t tell his teeth aren’t “perfect”. It makes me wonder what he thinks about my mouth, Every tooth in my mouth needs something done to it, there are giant holes in my back and front teeth I hate smiling and talking. I would attempt to get them fixed but I haven’t had health insurance for 2 years because of child support problems and I have no job. There is nothing I can do, if their is anyone one that can help me I would greatly appreciate it I don’t know what I would do to show my gratitude.
Someone please help me

June 3rd, 2015 at 08:47 PM
Champagne sinsun Says :

Hello my name is champagne .My teeth are really bad , I get alot of pain if u can help me .please do , or tell me what I can do to get my teeth done. Thank u

June 26th, 2015 at 08:47 PM
paul sharbono Says :

Hi. My name is Paul . I’m from north Dakota . I’m 39 my teeth are very bad they cuz me so much pain I have a hard time eating its to the point were its cuzing me to throw up witch is even worse on them plus I’m having a hard time swallowing because my teeth are so infatuated . I have hard time dealing with people because of the way they look . My self-esteem is shot . I can’t afford to get them fixed . Ive tried everything to get help ur my last chance so please help sincerly Paul .

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