Will Anyone Fix My Teeth For Free?

Hi Dr Patel, I am 26 yrs of age, I am looking for a little advice here it goes….My appearance was always very important to me until 2 yrs ago when I was attacked twice by an ex partner leaving me with damage to my jaw and teeth since the incident I have been told I will lose my own teeth as nerves were damaged it has got to the point that I am wishing they would fall out even if I am supplied with standard nhs ‘false teeth’ as my own now look dreadful. There is no possible way I could afford cosmetic dental work so I was wondering if there is any dentists that offer work done in exchange for before and after advertisement pictures. To promote their work to new potential customers. I googled this question and was directed to this site any information would be greatly appreciated thanks 
I would really need to see you to give you options we do offer 0% finace on dental treatment which does help a lot of people spread costs.
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  1. shekena says:

    I am a 29 year old wife, and mother of four. Growing up my family never explained how important it was to take care of your teeth. My mother was single with four children and did what she could. I remember growing up and bring talked about, and never being able to smile without putting my hand over it. I had those horrible experiences throughout my entire childhood. Here I am at almost 30 years old and my teeth have only gotten worst. They are very painful as well as decayed, broken, missing, cracked, and chipped. My only desire would be to have them all fixed so that I can just feel happy about myself. My children ask me «Mama why do your teeth look like that.» That is one of the most embarrassing things to have to explain to them how I didn’t take care of my teeth. I know my husband loves me and has never said anything but I’m unhappy with me. Please if there is anyone that does cosmetic dentistry it would be dream come true for them to be fixed, and a complete blessing from God. I will be praying that my God who can do all things softens sometimes heart to bless me! Thanks in advance!

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