Why do veneers keep falling off? Any other options?

Q. i broke half my front tooth off at junior school and had a veneer which over time stuck out and looked discoloured so aged 21 i decided to have a new veneer now 2 years later ive been through 3 veneers as they keep falling off, the 3rd 1 this morning! do you have any idea why they keep falling off? my dentist says the glue will never bond like it did the first time i had the veneer 12 years ago. am i wasting my time and £ with veneers? should i go for a crown? i’m worried it will look really different and it’ll be obvious its a crown.,
A. If the first veneer bonded successfully then a replacement should also bond. The veneer cements have a short shelf life and a material failure may be the problem.Please call StJohns Dental, Birmingham on 0121 643 0610 if you have further problems.Rob
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July 18th, 2014 at 08:47 PM
Aly Says :

My dentist fitted 8 veneers to my top front teeth 7 years ago. Over the last 2 years, they have each popped off repeatedly. He tells me they all need to be replaced with crowns but I’m upset that they can’t just be cemented back securely and that my teeth need to be further destroyed to fit crowns I can’t afford. What are my options please? I didn’t realise I was destroying perfectly good teeth just to get a whiter smile that would only last a few years. Grrrrr!

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