Why do crown and filling keep falling out?

Q. Hi Am 45 male and admit when younger l did not look after my teeth as l should have and have had a sweet tooth for many years. But l have tried hard, but over the last year l had my back teeth removed cos of decay. But what more worrying is l having larger filling at the backs which are just falling apart. Also I have 3 grown at the front. And over the year each one for no reason just falls out. I had them put back in but a few months later another one falls out. It now getting me very upset and worried about my teeth falling out. And no long like to even step outside the front door if it can be help. I even avoid some people at work so l doesn’t have to talk and open my mouth. I have read a lot about implants and yes for the front l would feel this would be great. But the truth is l cannot afford 3 implants and never will have that type of money. But l just cannot understand why each crown and filling is falling out. Am afraid to eat food and try to eat on the hard part of my gums. I cannot understand why all this is happing. But l thought as your help is Free in answering my question l can only hope for some help please.,
A. The roots of the remaining teeth may be cracked so they can not longer support your crowns, if implants are not an option the next one is some nice cosmetic dentures which will give you back some confidence.
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