Why can’t my dentist remove all my teeth and fit dentures?

Hi please can you help me for the last 20 years ive been asking my dentist to remove all of my teeth, i want dentures, but he refuses. I feel so unhappy and have no self confidence. I suffer with stomach acid due to a few teeth missing making it difficult to chew properly. There must be a dentist some where in the uk that can help me. If i wanted plastic surgery say breast enlargement or facelift that would not be a problem, surely i have rights ? I would be more than happy to sign a legal paper saying that im going against good advice. Please can you help me. Kind regards 
Its very difficult to justify removing healthy teeth (if they are healthy??) as even if you give consent to removal of the teeth a dentist could still be found negligent if they have provided unnecessary treatment. I would also point out that if you have difficulty chewing with just a few missing teeth wearing full dentures with all the teeth missing will be much much worse.
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