Why are my teeth yellow after whitening treatment?

I had my teeth whitened using custom made trays from my dentist. I was bleaching my teeth overnight with 10% & 16% carbamide gel for 3 weeks. My teeth looked great, but 24 hours after finishing the treatment, two front teeth are streaky and discoloured ( yellowish streaks and yellowish stains along the very edge of my teeth. I ate WHITE food only and brushed after every meal. Further bleaching will remove all the staining, but every time I stop, the same thing happens. Only my upper teeth are affected.
Please go back and speak to your dentist who can advise you – they should have photos from before treatment to compare to. Alternatively if you can come for a consultation then we can try to assess why this is happening. It may be something embedded in your tooth structure that the bleaching only temporarily masks.

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