Why Are My Teeth Coming Forward?

Dear Dr. Moore,Greetings of the day!!Dr. I have had crooked teeth and so presently m undergoing ortho treatment since last 1 month. My age is 27 years. I have got self ligating brackets with IPR and no extraction. But now i feel my upper teeth are coming forward. I am kind of worried that this is not part of the process of aligning and that something is going wrong?? I know you must be thinking why I am not consulting my orthodontist doctor.. And that’s true. And I will be doing but still, for my own satisfaction I want to know. Hope you will help me and can give me some answers!! Thanking you in anticipation. I look forward to reading your response. Thank you very much
Some times the teeth come forward before the treatment is completed, speak to your orthodontist again to make sure he knows how you want the teeth to look at the end of treatment
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October 27th, 2013 at 08:47 PM
Enny Says :

Please, my two front teeth are pushing outta my mouth and people get to insult me with it.please,is there anything i can do to straighten it back? Please…..am just 17

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