Which Veneers Would Be Best for Me?

Hi there Dr Hughes. Please can you tell me which veneers I would need? I am on a small budget but require veneers for two of my teeth on either side.

I want something that will last and I am also a coffee and tea addict. My teeth are discolored and it is getting me down. One of my front teeth has a cap on it and I’m not sure if I am able to wear veneers. Also does it hurt? Is there any way I’d be able to get free help? I also have an exemption card. Please can you let me know the cost thanks again?  Many thanks.

Hi, thank you for your question. If you are on a budget then a good option may be ‘direct composite veneers’ which can produce excellent results in the hands of a dentist who is very skilled and experienced in this particular option. Ask to see examples similar to yours that the dentist has actually done.

Cosmetic dentistry is available as a private treatment only as it is almost always elective.   Regards,  Mark.

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