Which Type And Strength Of Tooth Whitening Formulas Can Be Used At Home?

I am seeing conflicting information on teeth whitening from different places and the solutions strengths available vary greatly. I have seen 8-38% strengths available on a number of websites and am unsure what is best. I want to find a solution/strength that is safe and effective.

What levels (%) of carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide whitening a gels are considered safe for use?

I have read that carbamide peroxide is used for home whitening and hydrogen peroxide is used at the dentist. Is there any reason hydrogen peroxide couldn’t be used at home?


The simple answer to your question is to go to a dentist experienced in tooth whitening for the best advice, safety and results. Items you may purchase on the internet are not regulated and may be harmful. It is illegal in the UK to dispense tooth whitening products containing peroxides unless you are a qualified dentist and an examination of your mouth is crucial to avoid potential complications. The highest concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide that is legal in the UK is 6% and the equivalent in Carbamide Peroxide is 18%.
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