Which Treatments Can Push My Teeth Forward?


I have had fixed braces for the past couple of years and am desperately unhappy with the results. The orthodontist suggested extractions and then to close the gaps. I began getting concerned during the treatment that my teeth were going very far back. He assured me that the back teeth would come forward to close the gaps and that the front teeth wouldn’t go any further back. This of course wasn’t the case and I am very unhappy with my smile. He has been using springs to move the teeth forward a bit. But it isn’t really helping much. I took my top bar out a while back to push my teeth forward with my tongue and this helped a bit in pushing my top teeth forward. Please advise on a treatment that can push my teeth forward. 

Hi, thank you for your question. It’s very difficult to do this once teeth have been removed but it sounds like your orthodontist is doing the right thing with springs to try to correct the situation. Kind regards, Andrew. 
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