Which Treatment Would Be Best To Re-size My Teeth?

hello sir i wonder if you could help out, basically i want to resize my teeth for a better look and healthy smile..can u suggest something best that i can recover from it as soon as possible…..
first 4 teeth are forwarded to outside where they should be and i dont feel right about how they look. what i want overall is something to make everything look in proportion and normal, so probably need to resize and re position my lower jaw somehow. then look at how to align the teeth so that they look correct afterwards.
Hi, thanks a lot for writing in to us. In a case like yours, I would always consider orthodontics as the first possible line of treatment. Many of the newer systems can achieve what you want within 6 months without damaging the long term health of the teeth. Orthodontics can also aid in the manipulation of your jaw too if this is what you require. A professional consultation with an experienced orthodontist would help you I think, as it is impossible for me to give you a comprehensive explanation without seeing your specific case first.
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May 31st, 2013 at 08:47 PM
harapriya prusty Says :

thanku sir……i will definitely consult a orthodentist…hope it will help me

April 9th, 2014 at 08:47 PM
asad Says :

My lower teeth are not allign ,so feel tough approximatly like a dumb.It is very difficult for to pass my life since my child hood I want to say somthing but i say more liitle that donot reflex my thought .I want to be lecturer in any college .how i Proper my teeth to speak in gentle way.

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