Which Teeth Whitening Procedure Should I Go For?

Good afternoon. I have a problem, my teeth are very healthy and they have a perfect form, but the colour, it is just far away from white. My teeth are genetically yellow. I brush them 5 times in one day, but…nothing. What is better laser whitening or Sapphire Whitenting? Can I achieve a perfect white teeth with whitening or better solution are veeners? How Long Do Porcelain Veneers Last? Can they lose their white colour too? I am so sceptical about veneers :S Thank you so much. Have a nice day! :)
There are lots of whitening treatments out there, some excellent , some not. The important thing is to be assessed fully first, with an experienced cosmetic dentist who understands whitening thoroughly. In my experience a well made, properly buffered, home based system , combined with an ‘in-surgery’ process , will work best of all. Anything that relies on just one hour of treatment will have limited results at best. You cannot choose the resulting colour as everyone’s teeth respond differently to treatment and results will depend on how your teeth respond.

Veneers can be used to achieve the more ‘perfect’ result, especially if you want an extremely white colour. Porcelain veneers do not lose their colour, but composite veneers do. Veneers do not always require tooth preparation but sometimes do to achieve the most desirable results.

A consultation with a very experienced and highly qualified cosmetic dentist will give you answers specific to your situation so it is a worthwhile investment to find out what realistically can be achieved


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