Which Teeth Whitening Method Is Best Following Crown Replacement?

I am having my two front teeth crowns replaced, and i have just had the temporary ones put in. I would like to go very white, I need my teeth whitening then i am going to have my crowns put in to match the new white teeth. What is best for me to do? will I get good results from in surgery lazer teeth whitening? as I know laws have changed in the past month and the chemicals used are not as strong, or would a home kit be better? if a home kit would be better should i still receive this from my dentist or purchase another online because i’ve seen some good whitening deals. I would like it done as soon as possible for my wedding in January. Any advice would be great, thank you very much. 
A combination of home followed by in surgery (using the lower legal concentrations) and then followed by home again is the best way to get the best result (and always has been).

We recommend the Enlighten system. I hope this helps. Kind regards


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