What would be the cost of implants to replace my partial top dentures?

I would like to have an idea of how much it would cost for implants. I have a partial top denture at the moment. I have teeth that are causing me problems at the moment as they are slack so I am keeping my options open as to what to do. I do not know if I should go for another denture, it all comes down to cost. I have seen advertisements quoting £1,400 per implant so that would be too costly for the amount of teeth that I would need.
Thank you for your questions. It’s almost impossible to give you any kind of accurate answer without examining you. For example your email does not indicate the number of teeth you are missing, where they are located and how long it’s been since your teeth were removed. Bone grafting may be required and it’s not clear if you’ll need individual implants and crowns for each missing tooth or if an implant retained bridge might work. The cost of implants will vary according to the quality of the implant, the skill and experience of the dentist and of course how difficult your case would be.

As a guide however for very high quality treatment in the UK each implant would cost from £1500 to £2000 but of course there are the costs of the dental restorations to consider also.

Best to meet with some experts and get some advice in person

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