What would be my best option to replace my dental crowns?

I have two crowns fitted at the top of my mouth which are next to each other the right side of my two front teeth and they both keep coming off from time to time and I either swallow them or manage to get them in time I would like to know what would be my best option replace them with crowns, bridge or a plate. I am a nervous patient and want the simplest answer to this. Without too much work going on in my mouth.
The fact that these crowns keep coming out could mean that there is not enough prepared tooth for the crowns to adhere to. To have new crowns you would need the two teeth to be prepared again. To have a bridge you would need two teeth prepared either side of the gap for the bridge to adhere to. To have a plate, extraction of the teeth would be necessary. Whichever treatment you decide to have will probably mean treatment of some type. My suggestion is that you see your dentist and explain your fears, and between you decide which is the best course of action for you as a patient.
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