What type of brace do you think I’ll require?

hello just a few things that are bugging me about my teeth, i’d like your opinion. What type of brace will i need if my right tooth slightly crosses over my left? the orthodonist asked me what colour i wanted…what does he mean by this?!! i surely dont have to have removeable ones, also my bite is fine, my bottom teeth arent too straight either and i have had the moulds for both sets of teeth before, but the cosmetic surgeon only moulded my top teeth today and i have to go back in 3 weeks, what type of braces will i have do you think? and for how long? i didn’t get chance to ask what was going to happen.
Hi, thanks for your question. Well, it could be a fixed brace either with metal or white brackets or Invisalign using a series of near invisible aligners to correct your cross over. I guess you’ll find out soon, I hope they’re what you’re expecting. Take care.
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