What Treatment Would You Recommend to Rejuvenate Thin Enamel?

Hello. I’ve got quite thin enamel and consequently I have discoloured, relatively-short teeth with gaps. I would preferably like to have as many teeth rejuvenated as recommended (e.g. in a smile, let’s say between 12-14). I was just wondering what treatment you would recommend (bearing in mind my teeth are reasonably slim due to my lack of enamel, but I’m not sure how slim they have to be so that veneering is not an option…they’re not too thin though) and what the cost would be? Thanks! 
Hi, thanks for your question. My first suggestion is that I would need to find out the reason why you have thin enamel and is it getting thinner? Veneers may be an option but a thorough examination and diagnosis of your situation would be required first to give you accurate and informative answers. Bonding may be another option but again you would need a proper assessment first of all. Costs for such things vary greatly depending mainly on quality and the challenges of your case but on average range from £500-£1000 per tooth for high quality treatment. Kind regards,  Mark.
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