What Treatment is Required for Teeth That Stick Out?

Hello there. I have two front teeth sticking out like vampire teeth, so what treatment will I require? Will I have to get them pulled out? Will I have a twin blocker or what? Please do not say to consult your doctor, just tell me from your experience what you think.

Also what will it cost to get invisible braces? I am under 18.  How long will it take for my teeth to settle down? Thank you.  Please reply as soon as possible since I am very scared of getting braces.

Thank you for your questions. I can only guess without seeing you, or photos and X-rays. You might be treatable with orthodontics, such as Invisalign. However, you might require fixed braces.You might require some teeth to be removed. So costs will vary depending on the complexity of your treatment, the type of treatment and the skill and experience of the dentist/orthodontist.  Please go and have an examination and consultation for further advice.  Kind regards,  Mark.
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