What treatment can you recommend for my discoloured teeth?


When I was younger I had pretty bad mottling on my teeth, which I think was from flurosis.

When I reached the age of 13 I had some treatment on my teeth, which really polished them up and gave back my confidence. I think they bleached them, although I can’t remember for sure.

Now at the age of 22, I’ve found 5 of my top teeth have become discoloured and yellow tinged. In addition in between my front tooth and canine, there appears to be a thin dark mark lining the edge of my tooth. My teeth became like this a few years ago. Naturally, its knocked my confidence, and I would like to get it sorted.

I was wondering if there was any treatment avaliable, to whiten my teeth up a bit, and if you could give any roundabout figure of the cost.

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Hi Without examining you it’s very difficult to diagnose the problems accurately and offer the best advice. Tooth whitening may be the simplest and best solution and treatment costs can range (from £200-£1000 for professional dentist supervised whitening) depending on the quality of the treatment and practice and systems used, the difficulty of your individual case and the type of results you’re expecting.

It would be best to come for a consultation to a good comsmetic dentist near to you or here with us in London for the best advice

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