What Supplements Can I Take for Stronger Bone and Gum Health?

Hi Dr Hughes. I have always looked after my teeth but have been told that genetics play a big part in all my dental problems. Are there any supplements apart from vitamin D and magnesium that would help me to create stronger bone and gum health? My problems are mainly gum ones even though I floss, use fluoride toothpaste and brush 3 times a day. I am 47 years old and have had 4 gum infections, three root canals and 5 crowns in the last 10 years. I go for regular cleaning etc. every 3 months. All my family have teeth problems and that is why the dentist thinks it’s genetic. My gums never look healthy even though I work really hard to keep them clean. Thank you. 
Hi, thank you for your question. Your problems may stem from high sugar intake or be the result of the long term deterioration of large old fillings – over time teeth that have been filled in your youth usually deteriorate leading to further treatment such as root canals and then crowns.

No supplements will avert these consequences if it is down to the mechanical and biological breakdown of old dental restorations. If it is all down to ‘fresh’ or new tooth decay, then the culprit will be likely sugar and/or acidic foods.  Fluoride mouthwash may help the latter but dietary changes are necessary along with very regular maintenance visits to a good dentist and their dental hygienist.

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