What recommendations can you give to re-close the gap between my front teeth?

I crown my four front teeth to close gap between my front teeth, but now after 10 years, the crown starts giving problems it has receded and the gap has reappeared, what is the best thing to do: do composite bonding, redo crowning, make veneer, use invisible banding. My crowns are metal infused, it looks faky, got dark line emerging on the edge. if i were to redo the crown how many days it will take? what are the procedures?
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The most important thing to do before offering any solutions would be to diagnose the problem(s) you’re experiencing – in other words why is it happening? Then some solutions can be considered

I think the best thing for you to do is actually to go and get an expert professional opinion. It may well be that your crowns could be replaced but it would be important to climate any potential gum problems that may be related to the recession? But once again it’s best to seek advice face to face

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