what is the cost and side effects of osseous surgery

Q. Hello, I live in German town Maryland and I have question about osseous surgery, it’s cost and any side effect. My wife’s dentist has suggest her a gum disease and advised surgery for removal of ERU 1,16,17 & 32 teeth as well as osseous surgery per qu for UR,UL,LL & LR. My question is how serious is situation and could any delay cause problem later on?. The dentist has given an estimate of around 5587.00. Is this cost reasonable or too high?. I am not in a situation to afford this high cost surgery and what is your suggestion to deal with it. Please also advise if it has any side effect after surgery and how it could be avoided. Thanks

osseous surgery is usually indicated when a patient has had basic gum therapy such as deep scaling and antimicrobials which have not succeeded in eliminating pus or inflammatory exudate from pocket sites or where the patient cannot clean the pockets well enough.
the aim of the surgery is to place the gum lower down whilst eliminating any anatomical factors which are aiding pathology.this allows better cleaning of the site which should lead to better control of the gum disease.
it is not guaranteed to work and non vitalty needing root canal treatment of the teeth can occur. i.e. it is a treatment option of last resort and very dependent on the skill and experiance of the operator.you may want to consider removal of the teeth that cannot be saved and the non surgical option of perio protect a non surgical system  for treatment of gum disease which costs between 1200-1800 pounds.
we are the only clinic to offer this rx from america at this time but it works very well.
it is difficult to commment on the charges to you as we are not sure exactly what is being done

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February 9th, 2011 at 08:47 PM
Kay Kerrigan Says :

I need to replace an old crown. In the meantime my periodontists wants to do osseous surgery, guided tissue regeneration and bone replacement graft on the deep pockets around the old worn crown and the crown next to it. Is it better to replace the crown first? If not how long after surgery, regeneration and grafts would I have to wait?

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