What is the Best Method for Whitening Teeth, and How Much Does it Cost?


I have had fairly discoloured teeth ever since my adult teeth came through. I have not been taking the best care of them through my teenage years, and I am desperate for white teeth. It was a medicinal thing that caused the discolour I was told, or it may have been hereditary.

Basically, after all these years I am finally making the decision to pay to get them fixed. They are fairly straight and it is just around 4 teeth that are discoloured, however I would love to have a proper smile and it is affecting my life in a negative way. I’m afraid to smile.

Please could you let me know how much roughly it would cost to fix, and which would be the best way of whitening my teeth?

Hello, thank you for getting in touch. Your options would be:  advanced whitening. e.g. the Enlighten system – that costs from £750-1000, bonding (composite resin veneers) – these from £400-£600 per tooth. porcelain veneers (there are many types) – these cost from £700-£1500 per tooth. For very high quality,  my advice is to go and see a very experienced dentist for the best results and best investment of your money. Regards, Mark.
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