What do you do when your veneers are whiter than your other teeth?

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Please can you help. My mother recently had two front teeth veneers & whitening process. The veneers were done first then the Brightsmile process, however the veneers are now whiter than her natural teeth. They also look more prominent as they are the two front teeth. I seem to think when my dentist did my teeth the whitening process was done first then colour match the veneers – is there a certain way round to do this?

What would you suggest to rectify this problem.
Thanks for any help you can give 

Hello, sorry to hear about your problem. I agree the whitening should have been done first and the colour allowed to settle for 2 weeks before the veneers are done.
Apart from changingnthe veneers the other option is to continue whitening in order to decrease the contrast , but this can lead to increased sensitivity and variable results. Hope this helps and good luck 
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