What Choices Are Available To Me, Regarding A Cracked Tooth?

Hi Doctor Patel. I wondered if you could help me? Unfortunately, I have cracked one of my teeth (bottom row, right at the back). The crack is across the top of the tooth but it is not causing me any pain at the moment. I know if I don’t get it seen to it could become infected or it may even die.  I have made a dentist appointment but I wanted to know what choices should be available to me? I would like to know because I know cosmetic work can be quite costly. So I need to know how much money I am likely to be paying. I also work, so it would be great to know how many appointments I’ll have to make in order to have this problem fixed. Thank you for your time. 
Hello, thank you for your question. It depends on how deep the crack is and so the tooth needs to be assessed, properly. It may require a filling but could need root treatment and a crown too. I would suggest that you discuss all your available options with your dentist. I hope this helps. 
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