what can i do about veneers fitted a week ago that still cause me discomfort?

A week ago I had veneers fitted to three of my front teeth and I am getting a seering pain today when I drink or eat anything. This has built up from a general throb during the course of the week. I am due to see my dentist tomorrow but generally am not happy with the veneers. They are too long and also tight with no room to floss. I am worried about going back to my dentist.
I had veneers of three other teeth 12 years ago and had no problems at all.
Sometimes when you have veneers placed you can experience some sensitivity that should reduce over the course of a few days. However, if this problem persists you need to ensure you see your dentist to have an x-ray taken and further investigation done, as you shouldn’t get general throbbing from veneer placement.

In regards to the shape, you will need to speak with your dentist about this, as the shape of veneers can be changed in the laboratory.

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