What can I do about the thin enamel on my teeth?

My front teeth are very thin as the enamel is wearing down due to my age ( 60 yrs) and the fact I eat lots of fruit.Before I run into real problems I was wondering if crowns on them would be the answer .I live in the Brighton area and hope that I could go to somewhere locally .Would that be the best solution or should I wait and see ?
The other slight problem with these teeth is that cosmetically I don’t think they look very good.I have always had my 6 monthly checks so have a healthy mouth and wish to keep it this way !
I would advise that you seek help from a dentist experienced in dealing with thin or worn enamel. The ideal treatment may not have to be as invasive or destructive to your teeth as crowns – quite often in my own practice we can replace lost enamel with composite bonding or veneers on the backs of the teeth. Please seek advice from a good restorative or cosmetic dentist in your area or come to London to see me.  Kind regards


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