What Can Be Done About Unsuccessful Root Canal Treatment?

I have very big problem with my teeth mean and I mean I am totally tensed about this. I have just turned 20 and I have had removed my 2 back teeth,one due to an unsuccessful root canal and in 2 teeth,  in which I have  had cosmetic fillings. If i talk about front tooth it is breaking day by day and total enamel has lost and in my one front tooth.  I have cosmetic bonding there also. It is painful when speaking so cover my teeth when I smile also. My fillings are causing great pain I think this is failure? So can you please guide upon the right solution in order to keep my teeth strong and safe teeth through what ever treatment I need, thank you. I am poor at english. Sorry not UK and not much is known about teeth. The problem is getting bad. 
Hi, thank you for your questions. Unfortunately, I would need to see you and your assess your teeth so I can give you the best options. Until then I cannot really comment. Regards, Riten. 
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