What are my Options for Broken and Damaged Teeth?

Hello Dr Hughes. I had a major problem in my younger days, as I had a fear of the dentist.  This led me to actually not take proper care of my gums, and as a result a few of my teeth have fallen out. Most of my teeth have been damaged/broken from high impact sports that I used to do such as MMA, American football etc.  My question is, what are my options? My teeth now need to be replaced at the front, and the back teeth that are damaged and loose from impact injury. Also, how much is likely to cost me if I were to be referred to a private dentist? I’m starting a company and will be looking to finance this as I need to look presentable.
Hi, thank you for your question. You are probably looking at restorations supported by dental implants. Impossible to say how much things would cost without knowing the diagnosis in full, and the extent of the reconstruction required. Next step is to have a thorough examination and consultation to find out what can be done. Regards, Mark. 
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