What alternatives are there to dental implants?

Hello, I have just been to my local dentist and I need my front tooth removing as soon as possible, my other front tooth is already a bridge and thisis attached to the one I need taking out but she said that I can not have a dental bridge fitted, I could just have dentures but I’m twenty-nine years old and don’t want to be walking about with dentures in my mouth, my teeth either side of front ones are in good health though so why can’t I get a bridge fitted if this is the case, I can’t afford dental implants anyway so I want something else which will be more permanent, what would you recommend in this particular case?
Thank you for taking the time to send in your question. I think that there must be a reason that you can’t have a bridge but without seeing you I don’t know what it is to be honest. Maybe seek out a second opinion to see what another dentist suggests in case you have an alternative to dentures or implants.
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March 3rd, 2013 at 08:47 PM
raja mumtaz khan Says :

I ve a front incisor missing from the last 10-12,yrs. I have a bridge in place of it. But when I went to my dentist he said why don’t U have an implant. I was v reluctant to have an implant thinking about the infection and pain. what should I do even my mother is vv scared I have read about implant on number of websites on d net. That implant is safe, long lasting nd better than any bridge or denture. Even then am thinking that my densist said if I will do a bone graft it will of synthetic material but am reluctant that wht if a synthetic material caused infection. If in case infection what will it be like. Should I’ve an implant will it be better n safe n long lasting than the bridge I’ve. Please Dr. Moore let me know am waiting for your reply

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