Trying to find someone to pull all my teeth and get dentures.

Q. Im tired of all the pain in my teeth so im looking into getting all my teeth pulled and dentures put in..the way i look at it is their my teeth so its my choice to get them pulled and dentures put in. im not interested in trying to save my teeth…im ready for dentures…who do i contact to get all my teeth pulled and dentures threw the same dr that pulles them??? i live in sarcoxie mo im trying to find someone local but i dont know who to call or what their job title is. if u could help that would be great thank you!!!

A. Extracting teeth is definitely the work of a dentist but almost all would direct a team member (often offsite) to make the teeth.Rob

dr rob tennet

Dr Rob Tennet

St Johns Dental Practice
18 Bennett’s Hill, Birmingham, B2 5QJ

  1. paul says:

    hi rob i am 57 my teeth have had it i get pain when i eat i can not chew food can i get them all out and false put in on the nhss i am english i live in northamptonshire in the uk can you tell me some where local thanks bud

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