Tooth moved to its previous position after removing braces suggest dos and donts

Q. Hello Dr, My top 4 teeth was little protruding, I had put braces for 6 months,actually all the teeths were crowded so doctor had made some gap in between so that my teeth will go in. It moved in but now it has come to the same position and it is shaking and paining. Please suggest what i have to do? If it comes back to the same position then it’s okay but if it protrudes more then it will be a problem. Please suggest what are the do’s and dont’s. Regards

A. Hi, it sounds as though you were not given an orthodontic retainer to wear. Your teeth are moving back to their origional position. You will need to have the orthodontic treatment again and then I cannot stress enough how much you need to wear a retainer to stop your teeth from moving again. This will just keep happening if you don’t, and could cost a substantial amount of money if you keep going back to square 1!
I suggest that you go to your dentist and have an orthodontic referral again. Good luck

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April 25th, 2009 at 08:47 PM
Azra Says :

Thanks Doctor. Can you please suggest me so far in your experience have you seen any cases where the teeth protrude more than its previous position.

I had visit to an orthodontist near my place he told me to leave as it is and not to do anything further. Still my teeth are little shaky i am worried if it protrudes even more further.

February 18th, 2012 at 08:47 PM
thatkid17 Says :

i currently have braces and i’ve had them on for 3 years now. i was supposed to get them off but my orthodontist made me wear elastics for two long creating underbite now i have to wear them even loger to pull the bit back foward. my teeth are really straight and everyone says they should be off by now what is the ortho. looking for in my teeth if they are already straight and my teeth can’t be perfectly on top of each other ?? i’ve read that you’re supposed to have a little overbite. what is my ortho looking for ?

July 16th, 2012 at 08:47 PM
abegail bautista Says :

hi dr. i have concern regarding my braces i put this since feb 2010,i have space before on my fron upper teeth so my my orthodontist suggest to put braces,almost 2 year already still i have it my problem is, all my teeth are going inward eventhought im putting my rubeer everyday.i feel that nothings change,,i want to remove it but my dentst said to keep it until it will pull out

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