There Was A Wire Attached To My Bottom Teeth After I Received Braces, What Is This?

Hi Doctor Butt, I wondered if you could please advise me on something? I had braces when I was a teenager to straighten my teeth. When it was removed, the dentist attached a wire to the inside of my bottom teeth, which has kept them in place. I am now 27 and this wire is still there. I have moved several times since I was younger and am not currently registered with a dentist or having regular checkups. I find it quite hard to brush my bottom teeth properly and I’m worried that it is causing damage. I have such self-confidence issues and don’t know how to go about getting myself sorted! Also I’m getting married next year, and want my teeth to be nice. Is there anything you can suggest? Thank you in advance for your advice. 
Hi, thank you for your question. I’d start by seeing A dentist . I know this might sound out there but sometimes when you have a problem with your teeth I find seeking expert advice in person definitely helps. Try and make another appointment as soon as you can. Good luck! 
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