The roots of my incisors are crooked and cause pain, how likely are they to fall out?

Hello, I went to the orthodontist 2 weeks ago and he took x-rays of my teeth as my two front central incisors cause pain when biting an apple or when any force is applied to them when chewing etc. The x-ray showed that the roots on these teeth are curved as appose to pointed and they are half the length of the roots of my lateral incisors. I also have a 7mm overbite. He phoned me up and i have a choice whether to get braces or not. Apparently there is a risk of these teeth falling out if i get braces but i do not like the look of the as the two central incisors overlap. My parents tell me that it’s not obvious but i am extremely conscious of it. I would really appreciate any statistics of the chance of them falling out etc and a second opinion as i have no idea what the repercussions could be.

Thank you so much and i look forward to hearing back from you.

I would really need to see you to give you your options my concerns are that these teeth have symptoms and may need root treatments also orthodontics may cause further root shrinkage.
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