The Gap In My Teeth Is Affecting My Life, What Can I Do?

Hello, Dr Hughes, My two front teeth are mismatched and larger than my other teeth, I also have a gap  in between them which seems around and an inch or so. My teeth have been like this for some time now an It’s making me very depressed. I feel it’s affecting my social life as I now have agoraphobia and do not leave the house for days and sometimes even weeks. My  lack of confidence when it comes to my smile has been a big contributing factor. I also lost my job few months ago due to confidence issues. At the moment I am  currently claiming benefits I am very depressed and I have been bullied about my teeth. I really need help to sort them out and would appreciate any help at all.  Thanks in advance.
Hello, many of our patients suffer from these types of problems, I think your best course of action is to come into the clinic. We would love to help you, please come for a consultation in the near future so we can assess you better.

Best Wishes, Dr Mark Hughes.

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