The cosmetic bonding on my front teeth has chipped, am I better off getting veneers?

I have bonding on my front four teeth because of poor orthodontic practices. Basically they remove the enamel from my teeth requiring me to have fillings but I wanted it to look nice so I bonded the front four recently. I just had one of them chip. Its minor, just the edge but in trying to not freak out about getting it fixed, I found a lot of people saying that it is really common for them to chip and that even if I get the chip replaced (which I have to, it has left a rough edge) it wont stay very well. Is this true? Veneers are very expensive and require a lot of commitment â seeing as you completely shave off your tooth to put it on. Will bonding at all work as a long term solution? I just need some advice please.
Hi and thanks for your questions. The chipping may be due to your bite, but it’s impossible to say accurately without seeing you in person. If so it could maybe be corrected with some adjustment of how the bite works or how your other teeth work against these bonded teeth. You really need to be seen in person for the right advice though

Choose someone who knows a lots about the bite to help you if your own dentist is not familiar with how to look at this correctly

Hope that helps


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