The brace I am using is not closing the gap in my upper teeth, would I be suitable for a dental implant instead?

Hi. I am 16 years old and i will be 17 in october. Dental implants have been suggested for me due to the fact that my braces are not closing the gap between my upper left teeth.I start work in september, so braces are not really an option for me anymore. How many millimetres does the gap have to be to qualify for a dental implant? How much is a consultation and can you get them on the NHS? What circumstances do you have to be under to qualify for dental implants on the NHS? Do you think I’d qualify for them? Thanks for your help! :)
It is difficult to comment as I haven’t examined you or seen any radiographs. Implants are available under the NHS in certain circumstances and you would have to look at the NHS guidelines to see if you are eligible for this. An implant consultation is free of charge at our surgery but the implant itself is carried out privately.
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