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Is There Any Way I Can Dull My Tooth Colour a Bit?

Wednesday, March 11th, 2015

I whitened my teeth with 3 weeks of wearing Zoom! in trays from my dentist. It was following Invisalign treatment. I have extremely pale English skin and I feel that I have ‘over-whitened’ my teeth so that the shade does not look natural against my colouring. My teeth were quite yellow before so it’s a huge contrast and I wish I had not whitened them for long and gone for a more natural creamy shade that complements my skin tone better. It’s 4 months since I whitened them and they are still looking very ‘bright’ and too white! I know that the effects of whitening will fade a bit over time but is there anything I can do to give them a more creamy natural shade, or how long will it take for the ‘brightness’ to dull down a bit? A year, 2-5 years? I realise I’m here with a different issue than most people but I do think skin tone is a very important consideration in getting a pleasing natural shade – not just matching to the whites of your eyes. Thanks.

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