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The Gaps In My Teeth Are Getting Me Down, What Can I Do?

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

Hi, I’ve recently suffered with gum disease and I’ve been to my dentist to get it sorted out, and she said my bone tissue was OK. After cleaning and scraping I had some antibiotic chips placed under my gums, they are much better now and the swelling has all gone down, but it has left small gaps in all the front of my teeth. I’m not liking how it looks, is there anything I can do to rectify this? as it’s just depressing me the way it looks. I’ve always been a pretty confident person, and now I don’t want to go out and talk to people as I’m very paranoid about how it looks, I did smoke for 25 years but I have now stopped for a year, I have heard about bonding and porcelain teeth but you will know better than me, could you please advise me? Thank you very much.

dr safeer butt

Dr Safeer Butt

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I had my teeth cleaned by a hygienest and how I have a gap. Do you have any solutions?

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010
Hi There.I had my teeth cleaned by a hyginiest and he left with a small gap (not huge but bigger than before on my front lower teeth.It almost looks that he drilled them any coments and suggestions would be very much appreciated. Do you have any solutions?,

dr riten patel

Dr Riten Patel

The Mulberry
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Can you recommend any dentists for me?

Friday, March 26th, 2010
Dear Dr. Caplan, I am an expat living abroad where dentistry is private and very expensive. I will be visiting family in UK next month. Is it possible to go to a reputable dentist to have my teeth cleaned, and possibily a check up at the same time? I would either pay cash, or set up an account. I live in Bethnal Green, East London. Can you please send me a list of reputable dentists in the local area Thank you for your advice. Una.,

dr julian caplan

Dr Julian Caplan – Director on the board of the BACD

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