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My Inlay Fell Out, Will My Dentist Give Me A Better One?

Friday, June 7th, 2013

Hello Dr Bohara, my composite inlay has fallen out.The inlay was fitted as half of my tooth broke bad .What do i need to do ?? go back to my dentist an have a new inlay fitted .Is there a possibility that it will happen again ? My tooth was not suitable for a crown when I went as the break where near the gum line .Can you please be so kind to advise me what to do? Thanks. The inlay only  lasted two weeks and then it fell out .Are these inlays strong enough to be fitted and are there other alternatives which may be stronger ? I’m not sure about having another inlay unless I can be assured that it will last as long as it needs to. Would love to hear back from you soon, thanks.

dr kalpesh bohara

Dr Kalpesh Bohara

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Can I Get A New Gold Onlay To Replace My Composite One?

Monday, April 8th, 2013

Hi, i have a composite inlay on the lower back molar, it got slightly chipped recently from having a wisdom tooth extracted which was next to it. I now want a gold onlay and have the old composite inlay taken out and the decay cleaned from underneath it. My question is how many carats of gold would be best suited to a back molar inlay and do the nhs do this under their treatment? (would 22 carats be good?) Also is it a good idea for me to request them not to add nickel, beryllium and cobalt (base metals) as these are commonly allergic metals and I am generally sensitive to lots of things. Thank you.

dr hussein shaffie

Dr Hussein Shaffie

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